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Communications Case Study: Frandsen Financial

Testimonial: “Matrix Communications provided Frandsen Financial with an enterprise IP Telephony solution; associated applications and services, to replace several unique and disparate phone systems shared by the enterprise. With 37 locations (and the same number of aged traditional phone systems), Matrix’s experience and flexibility ensured the project was completed on time. Their product experience and relationship with their manufacturer suppliers and telecom providers, ensured rapid deployment with full feature sets addressing both the enterprise as well as each location needs.  Frandsen Financial Corporation looks forward to a long mutually beneficial relationship with our partner, Matrix Communications.”
Steve Molander CIO


Frandsen Financial Corporation, a multi-state banking provider with 35+ branches, had experienced steady growth by acquisition—and also acquired all the old, outdated phone systems that came with those bank acquisitions.

Learn about the ease of use and day-to-day difference in operations when bank employees and corporate personnel were provided with the latest in in-network connectivity, mobility solutions, Instant Messaging, virtual meeting collaboration, and web conferencing.  Discover how NEC’s UNIVERGE 3C brought the entire organization together within a single, unified, fully virtualized system that continues to grow as they grow.
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“Matrix has been an NEC dealer since 1985, consistently demonstrating outstanding commitment, exceptional customer service and technical proficiency. Great relationships build great business, and Matrix is a prime example, not only with its customers but through its partnership with NEC.

As technology has evolved, Matrix keeps pace so they can offer the best solution possible to not only meet today’s needs but anticipate what you will need tomorrow. We are very proud to have them as a high-performing business partner.”