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24/7 Customer Service: 800.394.5255Blog

Design and Deployment


Every successful project begins with an examination of critical needs and objectives. Matrix understands the importance of meeting with you to discover your application technology requirements to engineer the best solution to fit your business.  We conduct a complete assessment of your current environment and ask the right questions to have a clear understanding of where you would like the technology investment to take you. Our engineers possess the skills to create customized solutions for Voice Applications, IT Services, Facial Recognition, and Cloud Services. We combine and implement our expertise in these areas to create a complete communication solution.

Planning Phase:

Matrix Engineers, Technicians, Project Managers, and Sales personnel will all be involved to ensure a successful project development and installation. Our team will assist in planning the installation of any solution such as floor plans, drafting implementation plans, collecting carrier bills and much more.

Project Management Phase:

Matrix project management will work with your team to set up ongoing meetings to manage all the information gathering and the creation of your solution. In this phase, we will also create department head meetings, IT system reviews, network assessments, site surveys and plans for any changes that need to be made to the solution.  During the project management, valuable information gathered becomes a design document and a training plan which will lead to the actual implementation and training.

Physical Installation Phase:

An efficient, physical installation, no matter how large the project, is very important to Matrix.  During this phase, our solution is implemented into your environment by our technically experts, who on average have a tenure of 14 years experience in this industry.

Training and Support:

After the solution is installed, Matrix personnel provides detailed,  hands-on “first day” support activities. The Matrix team is available to field questions that come in from end users, provide additional training and finish installing miscellaneous items that could not be pre-installed. Our certified technicians will be there with your team, fully supporting the solution implementation and tending to the additional items that arises.  Matrix values long term partnerships with our customers. Our full-service handoff, from installation to our support teams, eases the transition and sets our customers up for future, long term success.

Ready for the Next Step?

“Matrix Communications and CenturyLinkhave a very productive partnership extending back to 1996. Matrix has been a key partner, one who brings a unique value proposition to companies looking for more than just hardware and network services. Matrix provides a level of customer service that is rare in the IT marketplace. Matrix employees are knowledgeable, dedicated, customer advocates, looking to solve business problems. Matrix earns a level of trust from both its partners and its clients that is unique in this industry. Long-term customer satisfaction is a key goal of both Matrix and CenturyLink.
This common goal makes for an outstanding partnership and a level of service that is second to none. I wish I had more partners like Matrix!”