Managed Services

Matrix offers an extensive suite of managed services to help you manage your data and telephony applications.  Our team of specialists are here to help you design and implement a solution to enhance your network performance and lower your management costs.  Engaging the Matrix Team brings the expertise necessary to maximize your IT resources, reduce expenses and deliver optimum network availability.

Managed ServicesManaged Services include:

  • Endpoint Security
  • Server Support
  • Secure Workstation Support
  • Service Desk Support
  • Data Network Support
  • Hosted Email
  • Email/Message Security
  • Business Disaster Recovery/Data Backup
  • Cloud Services

We believe proactive support is the best approach for a managed services solution.  By providing continuous insight to your network, conducting preventative maintenance checks and by remotely monitoring your network it allows us minimize failures and keep your network performing in a stable and reliable manner.

Experience Matrix Managed Services…Invest in Uptime.