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Sick of Managing Multiple Conferencing Platforms and Vendors?

The enterprise communication environment is complex.  Managing multiple conferencing platforms and vendors, legacy equipment investments, and disparate networks to support consumption, while ultimately trying to plan a Unified Communications and Collaboration strategy can be a lot of work.  With the recent CenturyLink acquisition of Level 3, Matrix has been given a new suite of collaboration tools that we can offer to you with a focus of simplifying your IT ecosystem.  CenturyLink WebEx services synergize with your CenturyLink Network and voice investment. The Collaboration platform now offered is more enhanced when compared to the WebEx directly from Cisco. Below are the benefits:

  • Improved Audio Quality
  • US & Canada Toll & Call Back are included in the pricing (no usage charges)
  • Up to 90% lower LD rates for International calls due to CenturyLink’s expansive global voice network
  • Live Support 24x7x365 with Tier 1 & Tier 2 Help Desk
  • Implementation includes a Project Manager, Customer Communications, and WebEx recordings

Matrix knows this would be a cost savings to you and would improve your experience better than the WebEx you have today. Reach out to a representative today!