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Facial Recognition

Matrix has teamed up with long time partner NEC to bring you industry-leading facial recognition technology.

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Matrix By the Numbers - Facial Recognition Facts

0 Million

Number of photos a person can be picked out from using Matrix Facial Recognition


Rank of our technology in recent test conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), greatly exceeding all other vendors in both accuracy and speed.


Matching accuracy of Biometric Facial Recognition technology

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Why Facial Recognition?

Facial recognition technology now uses a 3D model and captures images in real time to select distinctive features of the face. This helps cities identify criminals, businesses better reward customer loyalty and saves your company money on security. See how Matrix Communications can bring this industry leading technology to your business.

About Facial Recognition

Controlling Access:

Comparing a person’s face with a photo ID is one of the oldest ways to verify if he or she can enter a restricted place. Now, facial recognition just makes that task much easier, allowing security staff at school districts or even a casino to prioritize on other duties such as identifying potential offenders based on their behavior.

Finding Subjects in Law Enforcement:

In the security and law enforcement sectors, the usage of face recognition is arguably the most obvious – and often accepted – to most citizens in a smart, connected city. The technology can be used to identify, for example, known suspects who are the subject of a police investigation. To do this, law enforcement agencies would have to not just collect thousands of images but also analyze the information within the tight time frame available to solve a case.

Identifying Customers:

A relatively new use of face recognition is in the retail space. This enables companies to quickly and seamlessly identify a frequent customer, and ensure that he or she gets personalized service without having to explicitly disclose his or her identity to the shop assistant.

Putting More than Just a Name to a Face:

Regular customers, of course, still count. While retailers may not want to miss out on a big-spending celebrity, they will also want to make sure they understand customers providing the bread and butter sales every day.