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Our Advocates

At Matrix, we believe relationships are the foundation of success. The following are examples of testimonials provided by our customers and partners.  Each describes the experience they have had working with Matrix over the years.   We are fortunate to have worked with these organizations and we thank them for the genuine endorsements.

Tom Minifie and Denny Michael, CTO and VP of Marketing at AVST

“Matrix Communications shares AVST’s passion for best-of-breed Unified Communications Solutions that inter-operates seamlessly and allows customers to own their future. As interest and demand for AVST’s new CX-Series product line grows, AVST and Matrix Communications are well-positioned to capitalize on the market together. AVST is proud to have partnered with…

Jim Glackin, Area Vice President at CenturyLink

“Matrix Communications and CenturyLinkhave a very productive partnership extending back to 1996. Matrix has been a key partner, one who brings a unique value proposition to companies looking for more than just hardware and network services. Matrix provides a level of customer service that is rare in the IT marketplace….

Larry Levenberg, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at NEC Corporation of America

“Matrix has been an NEC dealer since 1985, consistently demonstrating outstanding commitment, exceptional customer service and technical proficiency. Great relationships build great business, and Matrix is a prime example, not only with its customers but through its partnership with NEC. As technology has evolved, Matrix keeps pace so they can…